The agents at Pensack Sports have backgrounds in both law and business and have more than 20 years of experience negotiating contracts for professional basketball players. We have a thorough understanding of the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement and pride ourselves on our detailed preparation for each and every contract negotiation. Knowing that an athlete’s career is of limited duration, we always aggressively pursue the absolute best possible outcome for our clients and their families. We strive to assist our clients in obtaining long-term financial success and independence.

Over the years, Pensack Sports has negotiated several hundred million dollars in contracts for our clients. In 2020 alone, Pensack Sports negotiated contracts worth more than $75 million, highlighted by Christian Wood’s 3-year $41 million deal with the Houston Rockets.

In addition to our success in negotiating lucrative NBA contracts for our clients, Pensack Sports clients are also among some of the most successful and highest-paid players in the top leagues of Europe, Asia and Australia.



Background in Law and Business


20+ years of Contract Negotiation Experience


Detailed Preparation

Aggressive Pursuit of Desirable Contract Terms

= Success For Pensack Sports’ Clients and their Families